A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Little Description : 

This is the great epic of the great adventurer. Cross the different dungeons of this little platform game while dodging the many deadly traps! Die and retry until the end of the level.

Story : 

The great adventurer makes his debut in his quest to become a hero. After growing potatoes at Granny's house, he finally decided to enter a dungeon. Perhaps he should have started with an easier dungeon (legend has it that he didn't have enough money to buy a map). The result: a great adventurer stuck in a dungeon, who will have many difficulties to get out.

Control :

<- ->  or  left stick GamePad to move

Up, Down or Left GamePad to move

C or A GamePad to Jump

X or LeftTrigger + direction to Dash

Escape to quit return to level selector

Credit : 

Antoine Guilbaud (IronPowerTGA)

Maxence Bazin (MightyCode)

Daubert Maël (Zangar)

My twitter : https://twitter.com/IronPowerkh


The Great Adventurer 0.1.zip 3 MB
TheGreatAdventurer MacLinux 0.1.zip 22 MB

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